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At The PT Hub, when it comes to fitness and gyms, you, the paying client want to try what, where and who to find the right fit for your needs.

That’s why we have created an initial 21 day trial period for a fixed price of £89!

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The trial gives you full members benefits and access to the following:


Small group PT sessions

6 x small group personal training sessions with a maximum of 5 participants ensuring individual focus plus a group dynamic.


Nutritional support

Full Nutritional support, education, and guidance (accelerate results with the right nutrition for YOU).

We also offer Body composition analysis (analysis of your pre-trial and post trial composition (optional).

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Full movement screening

An initial assessment to get an idea of your movement strength and initial available ROM (range of motion). This allows us to ensure we can build the best plan specifically to you from the start.



Access to your coach for ANY burning questions or extra help you require towards your goals.
Facebook community for extra support finding social accountability that goes beyond the gym.

Plus loads more….

If you’re ready to start your 21 day experience or would like to learn more..

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