Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

1. Who is Personal Training for?

Anyone who wants to improve their fitness, get stronger or lose weight can benefit from personal training. At The PT Hub, we make it accessible for all. If you think you’re not the type of person who has a personal trainer, think again. We all need help to kick start any new habit and maintain it long-term. If you want to be pushed to the limits you can’t reach yourself, then give it try. If you want to be inspired and have fun whilst exercising, then The PT Hub Personal Training is the way to go.

2. Is Personal Training worth the money?

In simple terms yes, Personal training can be seen as a luxury, it may not be essential to some but when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition, choosing someone to help who has invested time money and effort into these fields can be the difference between success and results or failure and wasted time. We aim to provide the tools to give you the best success whilst delivering some of the best knowledge to help you in the future.

3, I’m not sure if I want 1-1 Personal Training or Small Group can I split my trial?

Yes you can! We have the option of flexi trial which allows you to split your trial between 1-1 Personal Training & Small Group Personal Training to help you decide which you find better and more suited to you and your budget.

4 . What happens when my 30 day trial ends?

After your first 30 days, if you enjoy training with us you will have a few different options for you membership, starting at 3 months commitment, with options of 1-1 PT from 4 times per month & SGPT from 8 times per month, right upto 20 x 1-1 or 25 x SGPT sessions per month. These markers allow us sufficient time to get you the results you want whilst building new better habits in the process.

5. Will Nutrition be included in my membership?

Yes! Nutrition plays a big part in any fitness related goal whether that be general health or sport specific. Being qualified in this area means a lot to us and allows us to guide and educate you on the correct path in line with your targets.

6. How do I book my Personal Training sessions?

When you sign up you will gain access to our online booking app which has 25+ hours of slots to choose from over the week to which you will book to your own convenience and preference.

7. How much does Personal Training cost?

Prices will vary depending on the frequency you train and package you choose, Small group will offer a more affordable per session price whilst 1-1 will offer a more individual experience. Contact us to find out more on memberships available. 


8. Do i need to bring a friend to Small Group PT

No, all of our small group sessions are booked through our in house app. This means you can just book the slot to train that suits you and arrive for your sessions. That being said if you do want to train with your partner or friend you can book the same time slot to ensure you get to train together.