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Why a personal training gym?

Over the years having seen many people wonder around big box commercial gyms for an hour or so doing little bits of everything without any real structure, purpose or knowledge, it begs the question are you wasting your time in what is probably an already hectic lifestyle?

We believe having a knowledgeable coach guide you through a session and program can be a truly invaluable decision in the long run for your health, fitness and time management, basically a shortcut to success.

Our small group personal training options ensure we can deliver an exceptional session whilst progressing every aspect week to week. We don’t just pick a body part, train it and send you on your way, we work with systems that best suit your goals and ability meaning we can help anybody at any level from beginner to sporting athlete.

It’s not for everyone, but that is the beauty of it, for the people who need that extra push and help towards their goals we are right here for you ready to go. We go through the two models we run thoroughly to decide which best suits you and your circumstances.

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